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Hey thanks for visiting my blog! I'm pinkydee but my real name is Diana. I post random posts and text posts about life and stuff. Follow me and ill follow back. dont be afraid to talk to me and ask me stuff. Don't forget to follow me!

A Few Things About Me

. My name is Diana
. High School graduate class of '13
. 19 yrs old
. Choir geek
. my idol is demi lovato
. love to sing
' California
. Love musicals
. phantom of the opera
. i like funny people

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Twitter: @heyitspinkydee
Instagram: @pinkydee3
Vine: Diana Zee
Kik: pinkydee3 pinkydee3

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wow I can’t believe the Jonas Brothers aren’t brothers anymore


remember when zayn tweeted he was taking a bath and then didn’t tweet again for a month and we all thought he drowned because he can’t swim


is your name tumblr because i want to be on you all night long ;)

me: ok i’ll study at 8:00

clock: 8:00

me: *pretends i didn’t see*


Brendon at the APMAS [x]





Science side of tumblr how do I become a jellyfish

Jellyfish have no brains. You’re already pretty close.

Okay WOW